In space... It's nice to know where you've been.


ALF is short for 'Alien Location Finder' or 'Anythingyoulike Location Finder'. I can't decide, but you can use it to find anything you like, except aliens.

Geeked Up

The scanner looks are modelled on the tracker from the film 'Aliens'.


Hate the default colour? Well change it!

iPhone 4s - 6+

Will run on iPhone 4s to iPhone 6+ - native!

(5 onwards recommended)


Free forever, with some ads, but no full size ads, and no requests for you to register or rate - what have you got to loose?

Never Get Lost Again

Let ALF do the worrying. It will lead you from A to B

No Connection Required

Uses your device's compass and GPS, so no phone signal, no problem.

Unlimited locations

No limits on the number of locations you can add - supports adding of cars, houses, caravans, tents... anything you like that doesn't move!

Share Your Locations

Share your locations with anyone else using ALF.


Store all similar locations within groups, so you are looking for just the stuff you want.

Features Availalbe in ALF

Geeky, Alien Scanner Design

Looks and sounds a little like the M314 Motion Tracker from Aliens.

Easy to Customize

Well, you have a few options - including Pink!


ALF will not bite you!

PG Rated!

Suitable for anyone - no scary alien pics!


A picture paints a thousand words... and saves me typing loads of info...


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