Space Cat - Fly to the moon.

Space Cat

Cat wants to get to the Moon so he can catch some moon mice. Of course he'll need your help. How close can you get him? It's not easy being a Space Cat you know, I don't think you'll get him there. Watch out for those evil spinning blades that the mice have installed. Collect coins and use them to buy power ups, different cats, or accessories.

Game Center

Integrated with Game Center.


Let your friends know about your latest high-score, via facebook or twitter.

iPhone or iPad

Available on iPhone 4s - 6+ or iPad


Free forever, ad supported.



Earn coins, just by playing.


Use your coins to accessorise your cat.


Use your coins to build a more powerful cat.


Use your coins to change your cat's look.


How do I control Cat?

Just tap anywhere on the screen. On the first tap, Cat will swing right, next tap, Cat will swing left, then right and so on.

Can I remove ads?

This app is ad supported. If you would like to remove ads let me know via the contact form. If I get enough requests...


A picture paints a thousand words... and saves me typing loads of info...


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